How long for Kawi parts?
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Thread: How long for Kawi parts?

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    How long for Kawi parts?

    I'm waiting on a whole bunch of shit for my 05 636 to come into the shop so it can get fixed up from a hit n run I was in. All OEM cosmetic stuff like every fairing, mirrors, stator cover, many odds and ends, and I believe a little paint to touch up the swingarm. Few questions..

    1. When the shop orders the parts do they come from Kawasaki in Japan or from a warehouse/multiple warehouses around North America?
    2. How long does it typically take? Seems to me since the 05 is the same as 06 that Kawi would be pumping out the parts and nothing would be backordered but I dunno..?
    3. Does the shop recieve stuff seperatly or all at once? It would be nice if I could grab the mirrors asap before I get rear ended (yes she's still straight and rideable thank jesus).

    I know I could just phone the shop but they're closed and what better way to kill time at work?

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    i know when i order suzuki parts from my local shop, they come from either a warehouse in vancouver, or toronto. if they arent available from those it then comes from asia (or wherever the bikes/parts are made)

    i ordered parts for my forks in the middle of march and still am waiting for 1 stupid washer so i finally just got a friend to lathe me a new one.

    with stuff like plastics, they may have to be made before you receive them.

    your shop should call you if any parts come in, but if you really want them it never hurts to call and ask if anything is in. shops usually get shipments throughout the week.

    also, id recommend if you want to save some coin in the future. i replaced my tranny for less than half than i was quoted here. with exchange, taxes, etc.


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    My zx 7 was knocked over at work and did about $435 in damage. It took two weeks to get a rearset so I ordered an aftermarker one in 4 days.

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    I wasn't at fault so all damages are covered by icbc so I don't have a choice but let the shop deal with it

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    As stated, the Canadian dealers have to rely on the Canadian warehouses and then the Japanese suppliers. They should take no longer then six weeks IF they are backordered. Read heavily into the "should". They know they have you by the balls so they don't care.

    I bet you could get them within a week from a USA source but Canadian Kawasaki is not allowed to order from them ( this is my understanding at least since I raced for a Kawi dealer last year).
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    Everything used to come from Toronto for Kawasaki. And if it wasn't there you were basically screwed. Not sure if this has changed in recent years.

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    kawi is always from toronto,then warehouse in bc.they used to yrs back but no more. just keep asking for updates or go see progress,remember its yer bike.

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    Don't they have a warehouse in Calgary? Also if its an ICBC job then they won't start the job until all parts are in better to have all parts and do the job in one shot.

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    I've alway dealt with Bby kawi and they indicated that the parts they don't have come from (I thought they said) Montreal, but it might be TO. That being said when I needed parts for my Concours the longest they took was about 2 weeks. You can alway talk to Manny at Bby Kawi he's a wealth of info..

    Good luck

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    Kawasaki does take forever . Honda /Yamaha are very fast

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    depends on who you know.

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    on average, i'd say it takes about a week to get a part as long as it's not back ordered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5thgear
    Kawasaki does take forever . Honda /Yamaha are very fast
    Bill! You must still be getting your parts from a dealer that keeps there inventory records on recipe cards ?

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