Idling Troubles need help.
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Thread: Idling Troubles need help.

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    Question Idling Troubles need help.

    Idling troubles???

    Well trying to get my bike into a smoother running condition. It has been idling horribly; the bike in question is a ’83 Kawi GPZ 550. The bike has been in storage for a little while, I don’t know how long by the previous owner.

    I’ve drained the old gas out already and put in some fresh stuff this helped a little. There is a series of questions I have so please be patient. I know it may need a carbs tune-up but I’m just wondering if it could be something else as well.

    First thing – At Start-up I pull the choke all the way out (it has 2 stages), starts up but needs a little bit of throttle to help keep the revs up while it warms up, giving it about 5 or 10 seconds of throttle before the revs would stay up by itself. Here is the funning thing the bike is on its side stand at this point, when I bring the bike in the up right position the revs drop and it starts to stall.

    Second thing – The bike warms up for approx. 5 minutes or so I push the choke back in, and it idles very low below or around 500 RPMs. It begins to stall so I have to give it throttle to keep the engine running.

    Third thing – While riding the bike it sometimes stalls when I pull the clutch in to shift into 1st gear. Also while riding it when I roll of the throttle and pull the clutch in it stalls. I need to apply throttle to it constantly to keep it running.

    So I’m wondering is it a timing issue (if there is such a thing with bikes) or is it a host of other issues? I'd like to get it idling properly so I could ride it in for a further tune-up.

    Thanks if advance for the help.

    *edit just a little bit more back ground the engine has new piston rings and individual pod air filter (which will be replaced).
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    have you tried turning the idle up? it might help alittle, but it sounds like you have bigger problems than just that, have you changed the plugs yet? , otherwise i could guess a vacumn leak, or perhaps as you said a carb tune may be needed..definately couldn't hurt
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    plugged jets... clean the carbs...

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