FJ1100 Exhaust anyone?
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Thread: FJ1100 Exhaust anyone?

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    Question FJ1100 Exhaust anyone?

    I'm looking for a 4 into 1 for my '85 FJ....can anyone help? The previous owner thought FJ's were good MX bikes and collapsed the header.

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    Ebay is pretty much your only recourse. Other than that try a search for FJ dicussion forums. The old FJ's are a bit of a cult following and I'd be surprised if they don't have a board or two outthere for the faithful.
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    Thanks, Bruce. I think that I have found a used pipe at a shop in Langley. Going to try to get down before the long weekend to have a peek at it. You are quite right in that parts are extremely hard to find, and horrifically expensive when they can be located. There are some pieces available on e-bay, but the only pipe there has to be welded together.
    Thanks again.

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