lowering 05 600rr
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Thread: lowering 05 600rr

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    lowering 05 600rr

    Will be getting my 05 600rr from Blackfoot by the end of the week. Its about an inch or two too tall for me, as I can just touch the ground on my tippy toes on both sides. Is there any way that I can lower it without buying the lowering link, or would that be my best route to go? Thanks!

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    Go to a shoemaker and add 2 inches to the bottom of your boots.

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    Hve the saddle trimmed thinner and more narrow and then re-do the covering. Only then if you need it should you look at lowering the bike.

    The ONLY way to lower the suspension without totally ruining the handling is the lowering link for the rear. Assuming you get the adjustable version lower it only up to about 1 inch. Any more than that and you'll compromise the geometry of the rear link. Also if you lower it any more than that then you run the risk of the lowered forks in the front jamming the fender up against the fairing.

    And if the brake lines use the joiner manifold with connectors down by the lower triple clamp then you may also need to get separate accessory brake lines to eliminate that connector block and the connectors that stick down since the fender may come close enough to them to kink the brake lines. Yes, you need to lower the front the same amount as the rear to maintain the proper geometry and handling feel.

    And finally you'll also need to get the side stand cut down and re-welded so the bike leans properly on the stand.

    So you see there's more to it than you think at first.
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    Bring it in, lowering links are only $89

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