Nice sunny Monday...WTF!!!?
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Thread: Nice sunny Monday...WTF!!!?

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    Nice sunny Monday...WTF!!!?

    How is it that every time we have the 'fugly' weekend weather, it gets nice on Monday. I wanna kick mother nature in the junk....

    (End of rant)
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    hahaha no kidding! I guess its payback for those three rainy weeks followed by gorgeous weekends we had in April.
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    bad, m'kay?
    Well, from what I can tell, you can do the Lions Bay GP today and every day this week.
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    cloudy in the wack and windy

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    Precisely why I looked ahead to the weather forecast last week and washed my two-piece Friday night.
    I knew I wouldn't be missing any saddle time with the weather Saturday and Sunday. Bonus is I got a lot accomplished around the house.
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    Hardly a cloud in the sky. Every day it's like this, I end up leaving work an hour or two early. I'm going to go broke if it doesn't start getting sunny on the weekends!!! Although last week I got a sunburn while "at work". Heh..
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