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    Spare suit

    I just saw a really good priced suit on ebay. Just b/c it is good-priced, should I get another suit or just wait till I need another one?

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    are you going to ask when you pick your nose next?

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    Now! Pick your nose now!
    And don't forget to wipe your ass every time you sit to take a poop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpideRider
    And don't forget to wipe your ass every time you sit to take a poop.
    I thought radmtnbkr wanted us to conserve and save a tree. Are we not supposed to wipe every second poop?

    Thanks for telling me....

    Coolio, I'd hold off on the nose pick. Humidity is dropping so you'll just end up doing it again later.

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    Another post gone to the wolves. Chewed, swallowed and barfed back up.
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