THE Monkey Ride 2003........(long)
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    THE Monkey Ride 2003........(long)

    THE Monkey Ride 2003........(long)
    Well.......the dust is settling, the vans have gone and my neighbours have put the pitchforks back in the sheds......(not sure about Keiths tho ! )
    The weekend started Fri night with the arrival of, Papercup, GLM and...........Wild FX Canadian blerk ! and Spoon...sandancer extraordinaire ! ,
    we had a top Chinese meal, lots of BS, and a good larf !
    Sat morning, 9 am start to get a nice local ride in before the hordes descended.......except....the XR wasn't playing !
    FX managed Ooohhhh ......400yds before it crapped out on him !
    We pushed it back to my house, where we stripped it, and after about 3/4 hour found the Plug cap was loose.... an easy fix in the end, but what chaos it caused finding it !
    So bike re-assembled, we set off....., FX showing us some one handed till he jerked the bars onto full lock where upon the thing took off like a scalded cat!!

    Ahhh..the throttle cable was left the wrong side of a tank mount....and every time he turned the revved the engine !
    We did eventually fix it, and continued back in a loop till we met up with Lawman and Trumps, who had turned up and were running the CRF in before the Sun ride.....
    the rest of Sat was spent with food(mcD's), organsing Trailers, vans, bikes etc and generally getting sorted......till......the PUB !
    Keith magnificent efforts were much appreciated, fine Ale and fine food...(Ok.some of the Ale wasn't to Southern Shandy standards....but we thought it was OK ! )
    A good night was had by all.......FX was handing out NMRO T shirts....(cheers mate) and got to bed around 1 preperation for the following day !

    In spite of the weather dawned bright and sunny.... and after a bit of messing around, we arrived at the meeting place in plenty of time....when all the bikes had arrived, the final tally was 34......and what a lot of bikes that is !
    We set off.........the first few miles had a no of junctions in, but all went well........till Mark Jackson......discovered that if you fill your XR650 up with oil to the mark on the dip stick, WITHOUT running the engine have a tad too much in. !!!!
    It had pissed ALL over the back tyre, the road, it was belching smoke out still..once we had emptied out the excess, blagged a towel to clean his aorbox and done a burnout to clean the tyre....job sorted......... AHHH good start then.....
    However to be fair it was the only hiccup and all else went smoooooth......the first real taster of Yorks roads....(Over the Rocks!) had a fair few smiles appearing....we then re-grouped and made our way along the main road in Pately Bridge......Stood on the pegs looking back...all I can say is what a Fecking Awesome sight, 34 bikes were strung out over a mile of road!
    Pately didn't know what had hit it..there was a bit of slow traffic in front and all of us trundling slowly thru...the whole place stopped to see WHAT the noise was !
    We then took the turn down "Lower Wath " a veritable twisty turny road of the highest order.......
    My Co-leader Neil, was on a Fazer 1000 and manged to keep up down this road and a fairly "brisk" lad !
    This road never fails to produce grins and comments......Today was NO exception......
    We carried on to the first stop and had a natter and a breather, then onto the Gravel roads....better then the last recce, but still bad enough in places for us to slow the pace right down to prevent off's !, Joining the main road again to make the first fuel stop, we set off "like fook ", I was leading and Neil was behind on the Fazer, followed by Jim Brodie and an assortment of others.....
    In the first village as we slowed, Neil came along side, gesturing to his Crash Bungs on the Fazer....he'd had it Soooo LOW, he touched em down !
    'Ere.....that blokes a NUTTER !
    Re -fuel.....then "Bellerby Ranges", for regular listeners, you may recall this is where Badrider earned his Captain Cartwheel title ! after a short "Talk " we set off......this time safely negotiated by all......(Thank you Lord)
    In due course we arrived at the stunt area, where we set about trying to kill ourselves......FX showing everyone up, Mad Roy doing the chair and a fun half hour or so ensued........
    We then set off for Lunch, Mr Brodie however had sneaked off, found a pub and ordered food......bolloxing the plan as we were some distance away from the planned stop.....after a brief discussion we split, Neil taking the Main group to Hawes, whilst I waited with Jim, Daz,Roy and FX at the Pub, to show the way when food was served.
    Food eventually arrived, was eaten and then we set off to catch up the others......Daz......turned around to give the crowd a show, over did a stoppie and flipped it proper ! He took a bad fall and the bike went over his neck !
    We all rushed over, all he was concerned about was his Ribs as it hurt to breathe.....he'd had a lunch box with the helmet cam in it down the front of his jacket and he'd landed on this !
    He got his breath back eventually, but was obvioulsy in pain, so when we got to Hawes, WRSM took him and LMRR to Northallerton Hospital for a check.
    I'm sure Daz will post up all the details, but he is described to me as poorly, but still decided to go home and is on his way as we post !...Get well soon ya silly sod !
    As usual the YZ survived almost unscathed
    After sorting all this, we set off again, some nice roads followed, I ran up and down the pack with the helmet cam , so some good footage and pics should appear
    WE arrived safe and well back here in sunny Knaresborough with no more misaps and the ensuing post match talk was full of....Oohhh I nearly......Did you see when ......? Corr.....that was close......etc etc !
    Everone seemed to have a good time, I know I did
    The whole weekend was superb, Great Company, great seeing Old faces Nice meeting some new ones
    FX is Barking Mad in a nice way !
    Glad you made the effort to Come Moby, and Trumps and everyone else........

    Final ride list was.........

    1) Funners
    2) KtmKeith
    7)Wild FX
    14)Mark Jackson
    15) Ian (Marks mate)
    18) Jim Brodie
    20) Big Trunks
    29)G Max
    30 )WRSM
    31)Neil(Fazer 1000)
    32) MAD Roy !
    33)Man on LC4+kid !
    34)Rich (Keiths mate)

    I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the respect shown to our homes this weekend, tis much appreciated....
    see ya next year !
    look where you want to go even if there's no chance in hell of actually getting there..

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    I just saw the video of Monkey ride out 2003. Were you the one that shot that? You must've had a awsome time, looked super fun. We should get something like that going here.

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    There was a few helmet cams on that trip ..
    The boys in England paid my way and gave me bike to ride ! The was the best trip I ever had ...
    That was me on the XR in the opening shot ...
    look where you want to go even if there's no chance in hell of actually getting there..

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