WTB: 01 R6 screws and tabs
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Thread: WTB: 01 R6 screws and tabs

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    WTB: 01 R6 screws and tabs

    Hi ..
    I would like to get a bunch of screws big and small round screws for my replacement fairings. And the metalic tabs that goes in between, would anyone be kind to tell me if anyone has some for sale? or where could I find cheap? dealers are expensive!!
    Would anyone have stock R6 windshield and right foot peg for sale as well?
    Thanks again

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    Screws are hard to find, best bet is to get them in from a yamaha dealer

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    I have an old busted right side mid panel from my R6. I think it still has the tabs on it, but no screws. You can have it if you like. Just PM me with your # and I'll respond with mine..

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    On a somewhat related topic....

    Is there a good, cheap alternative to using the actual metal tabs? Like, does Revy or Canadian Tire sell anything that could be the equivelant? I need some for my race-glass, so I don't care what they look like AT ALL, as long as they hold my lowers to my uppers. Otherwise I'll just drill extra holes and loop some zap-straps through.
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