need some fairing repairs...
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Thread: need some fairing repairs...

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    need some fairing repairs...

    I know I should 'seach' the forums for more info in this, but I am pissed off and have to vent a little bit...

    Coming home from work, taking the 'backroads' through Chilliwack doing about a buck twenty, open road, no traffic, and all of the sudden a farm cat comes racing across the street at full-stride....

    Perfect timing - I hit the cat square, and it felt like a speedbump - I thought was going down, but a big head shake, and it cleared up, and I kept going....

    Wow - cool, dodged a bullet there...Fricken stoopid farm cats...

    I get home to check the bike out, and I find the belly fairing is damaged...

    I've never done fairing repairs before... Does this look like an easy fix? Or should I be looking on Ebay for something, or finding some used parts?


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    Step 1 fiberglass the inside This process is the build up
    Step 2 after the insides good and solid now Build up the outside so its somewhat flush
    Step 3 after so many rounds of building it up sand it down so its flush with a powersander and 40-50-60 grit

    Step 4 After its close to being flush looking good add bondo or gelcoat finish filler and then sand again with 200-400 grits and then carry on to higher ones 600-1000-3000 and so on..

    Step 5 prime and sand fill etc depends upon what it looks like
    Step 6 prime again and sand when it looks close to the ready to put your paint on get the match of your lower plastics "blue" and then test your rattle can spray bomb strokes on something so you don't make runs and then try it on your plastics.
    Step 7 sand and paint again
    Step 8 color sand and paint again
    Step 9 clearcoat?????
    Step 10 Polish and your good to go if your anal you would do the inside as well...

    Good luck

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    I see some fur on the fairing and some tissue on the tire. Excellent work.
    I suggest pop-riveting some 1/8" aluminum plate around that area for the next cat...and the "mad max" look would rock!
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    None right now...
    Try riding out there tonight and finding the missing pieces. Then go to and buy a fairing repair kit. It'll make short work of that if you have the pieces.
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    Is the cat alright???


    You can see borderline about the fairing, he can fix anything.

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    get yourself a soldering iron and a bunch of spare plastic and a case of beer , youll whip that into shape in no time ,,,avoid the fiberglass /plastic idea

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    Whatever and however you repair it you still need to get it repainted. If you're missing some of the pieces and can't find them "at the scene of the crime" then you may be able to find a part off some scrap busted fairing bit that more or less matches the curve you need.

    Good luck and congrats at there only being one casualty. Just watch out if you go back. If a really pissed off cat on crutches lunges at you RUN LIKE HELL...
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    Glad you didn't bin it, Dean!
    And another for removing another irritating feline from our world.
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    not really worth repairing and painting for the cost of a good used one.....
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    Report it to ICBC.
    My friend's dog got hit on the freeway by a car, the car owner
    filed a claim and she just got a letter that the claim is $1300.
    Sue the cat owners.

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    My bike looks better than yours

    Quote Originally Posted by Shovelhead
    Report it to ICBC.
    My friend's dog got hit on the freeway by a car, the car owner
    filed a claim and she just got a letter that the claim is $1300.
    Sue the cat owners.
    Thats an idea!

    And it'd probably just be easier to find a cheap used one, as Brad suggested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by borderline
    get yourself a soldering iron and a bunch of spare plastic and a case of beer , youll whip that into shape in no time ,,,avoid the fiberglass /plastic idea

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    glad you are okay, now go back and find that cat and glue that sucker back to ur fairing to fill the gives a unique look
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    did you go back and run the stupid thing over again to make sure?

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    nahh your bike is done. Just rip the fairings off and make it into a fighter now. Go buy a new one.
    Too sexy for this forum.

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