I have finally decided that it is time to part ways with this bike. I bought this bike three years ago with the anticipation of taking it racing and doing track days. Too much work and too little time has made that almost impossible. I bought this bike from a racer who moved out here and used to race in the CMRA in Calgary. He had picked up the bike in 2000 after Clint had finished the '99 season. It was raced in the CMRA in 2001 and 2002. I bought it in 2003 and had it stored properly since. It was built for Clint to the National series specs at the time. The bike weighs about 360 lbs without fluids, about 385-395 lbs (give or take a few pounds) with all fluids and should be in the ball park of about 103 RWHP (National class limits at the time). I have built up alot of spares that will go with the bike. There is no title with the bike. I can do a bill of sale. This bike is serious!! It is basically a no nonsense racebike. It is not streetable. Also, it would not pass Missions sound requirements as everything that wasn't necessary was taken off. You know, lighter is better..... Here are some details on the bike.

- Professionally built motor (By Ryan Gill, who used to work at Brutune)
- Fox shock (Eibach spring), forks are reworked but I couldn't tell you exactly what was done
- Dunlop 207GP's, but you would put something more current on....
- Braided front brake lines
- Steering damper
- Vortex clip ons and rear sets
- Full Hindle exhaust system with Titanium muffler (small ding in muffler)
- Body Double body work
- Zero gravity screen
- lightened rear rotor

These are the spares that are included.
- Body Double upper (Needs a little repair)
- Body Double tail ( has a small hole that can be easily fixed)
- Spare forks
- spare sub frame
- 2 spare swingarms
- spare Vortex clip ons
- spare stock windscreen
- spare Sharkskins lower. (needs a little repair)
- spare tank (some dents)
- spare Hindle elbow and Aluminum muffler (some minor dents)
- spare triple clamps
- spare radiator (no leaks)
- and rear traksport spool stand
- shaved seat (approx 2" lower. Great for lowering your CG and tucking in)

The frame has a small dent on the left side where the boss from the steering damper was pushed in a bit. This won't affect the handling.
I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible. As far as the validity of it being formerly Clint McBain's bike, I had emailed him with the details when I first got the bike. He verified that it was his bike as well as provided me with some details. I still have a copy of that email and as some of you may know he had some of his Suzukis stolen in Las Vegas just recently and his email address is still the same. This would make for a great track day bike or race bike for someone racing in an organization that doesn't have ridiculously low noise limits. I can show it usually in the evenings, but work is kind of hectic. Please PM me or email me at austinwinn@hotmail.com

I am asking $3600 obo for the whole package but please no extreme lowballers. I have included some pictures.

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