Saturday Sept.28th, lazy rider's....
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Thread: Saturday Sept.28th, lazy rider's....

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    Saturday Sept.28th, lazy rider's....

    Hey peoples, wondering if anyone would be up for a ride this saturday, to anywhere, I live in Surrey. I don't really care where we go....preferrably like an 8-8:30am start time, (cuz those 6:45am start times....although less the subject ) If anyone's up for it...I'm a newbie rider...don't care who joins...and I'm hopin to be back around mid-afternoon, 4pm latest.

    Normally my laziness would carry my sleep right through till the crack of noon....but for a ride, I'm willing to sacrifice my sleep.

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    oh yah....only if it's nice outside. and that time will probably be more closer to 2pm return time....instead of 4pm.

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    I'm game for a ride Saturday. I was hoping to do the Duffy Lake loop but I think that might be too long of a day this weekend.

    How about a run to Pemberton and back? Should be about 5-6 hours depending on stops (hey, my bike is cramped!) and traffic. We could meet up around 8:30 somewhere near the freeway (I'm in New West) and hit the road. We could turn around at Whistler if the time was tight.

    What do you say?

    BTW, I've been riding for a grand total of 4 months now, so I'm a newbie too.


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    ya we'll see what time it is when we get to whistler and most likely turn around there somewhere and head back....we'll pick up anybody along the freeway on the way whoever wants to join us. We'll leave at 8:30am saturday. (we'll set up exact times and places when the rest of you people who are reading this and reply saying you want to join us cuz dammit WE ARE COOL PEOPLE!)


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