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    blue owl

    Another nun one

    The seven dwarves go on a trip to see the wise woman in the forest. They knock on her door, she beckons them in and they stand in the front room in front of an open fire;

    Doc asks first,
    " Are there any miniature Nuns in the forest?"
    The wise woman ponders the question for a moment, and then slowly answers;
    "No, there are no miniature Nuns in the forest."

    Bashful asks his question next,
    "Are there any miniature Nuns in this country?"
    The wise woman ponders for a while longer, before slowly answering,
    "No, there are no miniature Nuns in our country."

    Sneezy asks his question soon afterwards,
    "Are there any miniature Nuns in the world?"
    The wise woman thinks on the question for what seems to the dwarves to be ages, and then slowly answers,
    "To the best of my knowledge, there are no miniature Nuns in the world."

    Six of the seven dwarves all begin to sing in unison'


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    bwahahahaa lol!

    Good one! hahahaaha
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    me no get?

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    Originally posted by hoking
    me no get?

    if u dont really get it wot does a nun dress like? black/white

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