anyone know..
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Thread: anyone know..

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    Red the Dog

    anyone know..

    where to get some titanium valves?

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    he'll know where to get all the upgrade parts for your 1000rr

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    rain? whats that! Array REVELATIONS's Avatar
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    purpose being....increased Redline? more agressive timing?

    I've never heard of such an upgrade, sounds cool.

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    What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Are you doing anything more than the valves? I'm not certain of everything available from HRC but I would start there.

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    shoulda bought a gixxer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssblade
    shoulda bought a gixxer.

    Edit:Why the hell do you think you need Ti valves anyway?
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    Try spending some time at

    No point in valves before the ECU.

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    Red the Dog
    Thanks for the input. decided to go with SS valves. The Ti valves will require to much long term work. (like rebuilding my engine every season, and since i don't race its not worth it. at least not at this point)

    lets see where to start, I already talked with a guy from OPP, (he actually rides a 1000rr and has it done up)

    yes in time I will be doing more than the valves, for now just a valve job, port/polished head, pc3, flapper removal, air filters, and full system arata. possible future projects.. well we'll see. the next set of upgrades is the suspension and rims.

    lol I sat on a gixxer and didn't like it as much. what can i say i know that on the whole its the better bike but the 05 cbr felt good to me and the 06 cbr felt good too. and no i don't need Ti valves, just like i don't need a full system exhaust. but i figure what the hell why not.

    and i spend a lot of time on

    about the ECU i don't really want to (i know i'll have to) change it up to the HRC or DK one.
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    Red the Dog
    actually looking a little closer at the pics i think i actually talked with the owner of that bike.

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    I am at a loss for why a modern day sportbike would need to have it's engine rebuilt every year, especially if you're not racing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrashTested
    I am at a loss for why a modern day sportbike would need to have it's engine rebuilt every year, especially if you're not racing...
    Ti valves are lighter than stock steel ones so the redline can be raised, the cam profiles made more radical and a host of other things. But the price is that the Ti valves end up stretching the stems after a while. It seems that in this application that the fatigue life is not as good as steel.

    It's that reason why a bike with Ti valves needs to be monitored for valve clearances on a much more frequent basis and when it's noticed that the valve clearnances have traveled so far and that the bike has needed shorter term shim changes that the end of life of the valves is at hand. That's when the valves need changing.

    Oh, and the Ti valves are hellish expensive too...

    Red, I'm afraid that I'm with the other folks in wondering why you're bothering with all this since you say that you're not racing it. It's not like a liter bike really NEEDS the sort of work you're doing on the engine. Even the suspension stuff is only really needed if you're at least planning on some track days and have the skills to push the bike to the point that the aftermarket stuff will provide a benefit over well set up stock stuff.
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    Red the Dog
    TeeTee answered it perfectly about the Ti valves.

    as for the "why" of the engine work and all that.

    in the riding tradition can i simply say. because i can and want to.
    I know that most of what i'm doing won't hurt the bike or me, and may make it easier to ride (especially the brake, suspension, and weight saving mods). Am I that level of rider that I absolutely NEED these mods (as well as engine work and full system exahsut etcetc) so that i can test my limits. No, not even close. I'm a good rider, not great, still learning things etcetc. But I..... the funds are available... so ... with no huge negatives coming to mind. i say why the hell not??? hence why i said no to Ti valves, the money wasn't the problem, even if it cost the same every year it would be fine, but the down time, and more importantly the constant uncertainty that i might fry my engine when i do push it... its not worth it in my mind. stainless steel is still an improvement, and offers far greater durability and reliability. all the things that i am looking for.

    on the other hand, I might get a second head and put ti valves in, then whenever i want i can just switch them. LOL i make that sound like a five minute process.

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    Red the Dog
    that i don't want to do. lol.

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