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    Say'n Thanks

    Hello All, this is Linda from Langey. My buddy gixxerboygenius posted on May 9th about my accident. I want to say a heartfelt Thankyou for all the support. Even though I ride a 2000 Heritage I think you'll like my 3 rules for life.

    1 - fast is good
    2 - size matters
    3 - do'nt ride like a girl

    On May 3 @5:30pm I was west bound on 72 Ave when a full sized Dodge Ram Van was given space to turn left from 199 St. The east bound traffic was bumper to bumper so they gave her space to pull out & instead of creeping out & looking, she boots it!!!! I lock it up trying to swerve to the right but there's a telephone pole in the way. My left side slams into her passenger door. I fly off the bike bouncing on the ground. I end up on my back with my feet at the base of the telephone pole. The emergency crews were awesome. My left ankle is "shattered to smithereens" as the surgeon says and I have a broken right Clavicle. Lawyer? You bet. I work as an Insurance Agent & would never let ICBC "look after me" Check out

    The bike is fixable & I'm a tough ol broad. I'll ride again. I guess skydiving for my 50th this August is out?

    Thankyou again, it does'nt matter what you ride, that's what matters.

    Hugs gixxerboygenius

    Ride hard,

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    Glad to hear you'll get back on! Speedy recovery
    There are old bikers, and there are bold bikers, but there are no old, bold bikers.
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    Good to hear that you're out and thinking positive there Linda. And happy healing with the foot and clavicle.

    I don't care what anyone rides. We're all on two wheels. The only ones that I feel sorry for are the ones with attitude. And that applies to rider on either side of the fence.
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    heal fast Linda. thanks for posting the details, there's always a lesson for the rest of us.

    the longer a person rides with their real heart into it, the more they appreciate every kind of bike.

    oh and, 50? that ain't ol'!
    one six two seven eight nine

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    Wow, I wish I had your attitude! I look forward to seeing you on the street once you mend up. Best wishes!
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    Good to hear you're doing fine Linda. You got gumpshun kid, looks good on ya.

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    to the attitude, recover fast!

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    Glad to hear you’ll be OK, I am 50 too, you might wanna read the Geezer threads here for chuckles.

    Don’t take the below as a lecture, just something to think about: given that you locked it up trying to swerve to the right, how about a lighter bike, with better tire adhesion, and ABS brakes. Also I don’t know if you do this already, but convering the brakes through intersections reduces brake reaction time as does regular panic stop practices.

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    I ain't not no genius Array gixxerboygenius's Avatar
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    so glad to talk to you the other night on the phone WITHOUT morphine. yer even funnier that way! LOL! will head your way soon for a visit! heal up good and stronger than before.
    duc and ape and mv to come soon

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    Glad you're feeling good enough to type this heartwarming message.
    Cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield
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    Quote Originally Posted by Softailgranny
    3 - do'nt ride like a girl
    I'll keep that in mind!!

    Hope you have a speedy recovery!!

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    Glad to hear you're doing ok!

    What kind of gear were you wearing?


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    get well soon

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    just having fun Array
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    Quote Originally Posted by Softailgranny
    The bike is fixable & I'm a tough ol broad. I'll ride again.
    great! wishing you speedy recovery

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    Get well soon. And Incantation, that is a NASTY avatar!
    "Nitrous is like a hot girl with STD’s… You know you want to hit it, but you’re afraid of the consequences"

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