Was it you? Or do you know who?
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Thread: Was it you? Or do you know who?

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    Was it you? Or do you know who?

    April 20th @ Semlin Dr. & 1st Ave.

    You, a Black Honda 929 or 954 & Her, a Blue Ford Escape.

    I gave you both my card and have since had to answer a lot of questions from ICBC. Now I have been asked today by 3 different ICBC reps if you hit the Escape. My answer is and has been from the start that I didn't see any contact between you & the Escape. What I saw was her brake lights come on and you try and split the 2 lanes then when you saw the left turner you locked it up and tucked the front end. Landing on your left side.

    I hope it works out for the both of you but I'm a little concerned that the Escape driver is trying to say that you hit her... even if you did it didn't look that way from where I was sitting.
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