what exhaust should i get for my 97 gsxr750?
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Thread: what exhaust should i get for my 97 gsxr750?

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    what exhaust should i get for my 97 gsxr750?

    i'm looking for something that is not too expensive but packs an audible punch and some horsepower, i was looking at a yosh carbon pipe, but with headers i saw it was for 910 dollars.
    also what is the main difference in performance and sound between a slip-on and the complete exhaust system?
    if anyone has suggestions for a carbon pipe...or even just a regular steel one, but i am partial to a carbon pipe...

    thanks in advance for your input

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    Have you thought about picking up a used system somewhere? They're much, much cheaper than $910, even for a full system. I've used all of the above systems on that same bike at one time or another. Yoshimura was the nicest out of all the exhausts I tried. Between the slip on and the full system the difference in sound was negligible. The carbon had a slightly softer sound to it but this may have just been the level of packing. If you want carbon and are on a budget go for just the slip on. The full system looks better and is way lighter. You can get them for less than half of that if you hit up ebay or find a clean used one.

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    try to get used if you can, if not the yosh is a nice pipe for your bike and slip-on would be the cheaper alternative. If you want it a little louder then go with a metal can. Carbon is a softer sound.
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