Anyone here does Digital Camera Repairs???
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Thread: Anyone here does Digital Camera Repairs???

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    Anyone here does Digital Camera Repairs???

    I have a CANON POWERSHOT SD400.
    I just replaced the LCD screen and now it won't power up!!!
    Any electronic gurus on this site?
    It is probably something minor.
    Let me know if you're good at fixing cameras.

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    A place in kits -ish area that does repairs off burrard take a left EAST on 7th or 8th... just before Wbroadway cannot miss it i cannot remember the name but a buddy took my old canon DC to him and they fixed it! If you are traveling east its on yuor right hand side in the middle-ish of the block(small repair place that does the repairs for all warranties in town pretty much.

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    I think what Treefinder is thinking of is Vancam... (604) 736-4146

    I had my Canon S30 successfully repaired there; also a power-up issue.

    Good luck with your camera.
    Digital Treesloth

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    Note to self: Don't but canon, LCD & power-up issues.

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    thats it vancam

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