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    Red face Real Canadian Superstore...

    I'd like to know if anyone here also had at some point the grave misfortune of being an employee of this weeping sore of a retail outlet?

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    A couple of Suzukis
    I worked at Save-on-Foods for 5 that close enough?

    Both are UFCW, right?
    Maybe Mediocre
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    Which superstore are you at ? And what do you do there ?

    What's so bad about working there ?

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    I like my
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    I heard that it's just super dangerous there...

    Myself, I didn't have the fortune of going to the Real Canadian stuck at the fake one mostly.
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    My younger brother worked in the Produce section at the Langley Superstore for a short while--he hated it.

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    I was at the King George location, six years ago mind you. I'm just struck by the fact that every person I've met who has worked at Superstore has the same story to tell, of brutal managers, constantly short paycheques and very high workloads, far more appearantly so than your usual low end job.

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    I work at Extra Foods: produce Its a super mellow job, awesome manager, pretty good pay (above min wage starting wage). Its the same Union as Super Store, but from what Ive heard, SuperStore is a lot more strict. As in cameras virtually everywhere to watch not only shoppers, but employees as well in the back rooms. And Super Store also has timed breaks, where as Extra Foods just relies on employee honesty.

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    Worked at Superstore in 95-96, it sucked hard. They we're just installing Cameras in the back when I quit, not that it mattered. The managers we're assholes, asked you to work overtime everyday which wasn't really a big deal but if you ever needed a favour good luck.

    I also never recieved a paycheque for the first 5 pay periods I worked there, they screwed up the numbers on my Direct Payment and kept telling me it would be fixed next payday. I worked over 2 months there without seeing a dime.

    The icing on the cake was they would want you to work overtime everyshift but try not to pay you for it. Basically if they were over their budget for hours allowed they would start going through everyones hours and start trimming 5 hours here and 10 hours there so they would come in on budget for hours. They did it to everyone I knew who worked there so you we're basically always owed hours. They would pay you your cut hours on your next cheque but then you would be missing hours from that pay period and it went on and on like that. People filed complaints with the Union but nothing was ever done to fix the problem, at least not well I worked there.

    Anyway, easy job but shitty people to work for in my experience.

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    If they ever install cameras in the back rooms, coolers, and bathrooms (yes, they are considering that) I will walk out.

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    I did for about 2 years. photo lab. kick ass easy shit. my manager was a dork, poor sucker. i got to see alot of interesting photos though! i also scammed and got free photo finishing for me and friends. this was when i did photography as a hobby too!
    Fuck em!

    but the RCSS is a shit hole to work for. even now the young employees are miserable. the whole company Westfair foods is a joke, they try to fuck every one, cheap pricks!
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    Originally posted by Fury
    the whole company Westfair foods is a joke, they try to fuck every one, cheap pricks!


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    I work at Safeway.....been there forever....I have it pretty good there...Mon-Fri.....good shifts..long weekends off.....pays job is perfect......but it pays the bills and lets me ride.

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    Uh Oh, it comes.I`ve worked at the RCSS warehouse full time since mar `89.In the beginning it was easy,the performance goals were attainable,the managers were cool and there wasn`t alot of work to do at the start.
    The first store we started supplying was Metrotown -Apr `89,then the Main&Marine one -jun `89.I can remember throwing the frisbee around in the yard with the supervisors a few times when everything was picked.
    Things started going downhill around 1993 when a supervisor came over from Toronto(it was his way or the highway) .The supervisors wondered why morale was so low and productivity was in the crapper when they would needlessly pick on you.The employee turnaround at this time was pretty high.
    Since about the year 2000,it has been getting better there(in the summer of 2000, there was a mass exodus of lower management,I think 8 or 9 quit),the morale is up and the working atmosphere is much better than before.Although I wouldn`t say it is an excellent place to work,it does pay the bills and allows me the freedom to ride.
    But the Superstore has the lowest prices overall and they`ll fight tooth and nail to keep that marketshare.Its going to be real interesting to see if Wal-Mart gets into the old Dueck-on- Marine building.

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    i worked at superstore once very briefly, I applied and didn't even know why.. I certainly didn't need the job.

    When the supervisor came a callin, I thought, ah hell, why not? Christmas was a month or two away, I thought I would just work weekends and use that money to buy the g/f a *really* nice present.

    So I was in there with nothing to lose and y'know what?
    I hated it.
    Every single god damn waking moment spent there.

    I just upped and left after probably a month and a half.

    It's a classic union shop, there exists a harsh seperation between management and everyone else.

    The company is not geared towards looking after it's employees, just the bottom line.

    What really bugs me is during the interview the supervisor kept pushing that damned PC banking account on me. "No you don't need to sign up, but it's a good idea."

    It became quite clear the supervisors get a signing bonus for each new employee they sign up.

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    not red
    can’t stand the RCSS. never shop there. heard some bad things about it from an ex-employee who was sick of constantly being exploited and ripped off.

    nothing beats shopping @ safeway. they r always nice, bag your groceries, and help u to your car

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