Alpine Gp Tech Or Spidi Vertes?
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Thread: Alpine Gp Tech Or Spidi Vertes?

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    Alpine Gp Tech Or Sidi Vertes?

    im trying 2 decide which pair to buy

    any1 out there own one of these? any feedbak would b appreciated

    pros and cons about each??
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    I have the Vert II's and love them.

    They crash well and are even fairly comfortable for walking once they are broken in.

    Only complaint I have is the heel armor sqeeks if I don't hit with a shot of protect-all every month or so.

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    I have the vert II's as well...I think their great!!
    the squeeking must be common thow because mine do it as well...just give'm a spray of silicone and thier fine

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    Ya go Vert 2. They rock! Super comfy for riding and walking. Just make sure you keep an eye on the screws because if you wear them often and don't tighten them, the screws will fall out.

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    I have never try the Spidi so i can only tell you about the Alpinstar. I have the GP tech last season and have 6 crashes on them w/ no less than 30 days on the track. They held up fairly well and was very comfortable after they were broken in. But the best thing was even though i have so many crashes on them, they gave me a new pair this May because the kevlar insert snapped in half and one zipper was broken and cannot zip up all the way. I think this is very good customer service and they really back up their product. After i got this new pair, i have already put in 20 some days and about 4~5 crashes later, the material holding the kevlar insert was torn off. So i am going to send them back and get another new pair, for free!!

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