What to do with the 97gsxr 750???
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Thread: What to do with the 97gsxr 750???

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    What to do with the 97gsxr 750???

    Greetings everybody,

    This is my first post on this board... I need some opinions on how to handle this situation, I crashed my bike (97 gsxr 750). It was a head on crash into another vehicle. I unbelieveably escaped with only minor injuries...

    now i have a bike thats not totally banged up. i hit in such a way that its probably worth putting money into to fix. not alot of damage.

    What should be my course of action? I mean i can flog the bike for parts, which is not a bad idea....mint bike...motor has like 18000 on it. But is that worth it? who's going to want an older heavy gixxer? isnt this bike to heavy to race? OR should i spend the money and have it fixed and then sell her?

    either way i have to get rid of it and try to make some money back on it to buy something to drive.

    Thanks in advance for your $0.02 guys/gals


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    One, it's not too heavy to race. It's just fine for racing or street riding. A couple of pounds doesn't mean diddly.

    Two, if the frame is fine then it would be work ebaying a set of forks. But ONLY if the frame is fine. You'll need someone that can set it up and check it to be sure.

    I'm assuming the plastic more or less all exploded. If so then I say street fighter it and keep using it. But only if the frame is good.
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    streetfighter it, or make a coolest ratbike ever out of it

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    Make a wicked fighter out of it.. assuming you've dealt with icbc and been found over 25% at fault

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    They're very solid bikes. The important questions that you need to ask yourself are how much do you like that bike and how much money you have, and what are your expectations. To fix it back to mint and stock it's going to be a few grand if you toasted those plastics/headlight/gauges/stays. It's just the way that it is. It really depends on what's broken. Do a bit of searching around for parts and ideas after you find out what exactly's broken and what the parts cost. They write bikes off for a reason and sometimes the right thing to do is just let it go. Check back with a bit of a parts list and what you want out of it.

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