Questions on some aftermarket stuff
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Thread: Questions on some aftermarket stuff

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    Questions on some aftermarket stuff

    I just picked up a 01 f4i on the weekend and I'm looking for some help, first off, I'm interested in buying a HID kit, but I'm not really sure on what to buy, I've done a search and read the threads, dunno whats the difference between like 4300k, 6500k, 8300k. I want brighter light more than blue color. Can someone who knows something about these help me out, also, if anyone knows where to pick one of these kits up for a reasonable price that would also be much appreciated.

    Secondly, I'm wondering what aftermarket exhaust would sound the best on my bike, I'm leaning towards either akra or yoshi. Let the suggestions fly!

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    Why go to a dealer when the local Starbucks will eventually draw sport bike owners (not riders mind you, "owners") with a variety of aftermarket bits?That way, you can shop for what sounds and looks good on someone elses bike, before spending the money at a dealer, and buying your own.

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