Scavenger Hunt - June 4th - 11am - Pre-registration req'd
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Thread: Scavenger Hunt - June 4th - 11am - Pre-registration req'd

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    Scavenger Hunt - June 4th - 11am - Pre-registration req'd

    Scavenger Hunt - June 4th, 2006 - 11am meeting


    Bigger, better and uncut! Don't know about the uncut part, but... the cash prize is going to be bigger this year, better and more prizes... i.e.) 2nd/3rd place teams.

    Alright! I don't have the full details finalized yet BUT, might as well get the registration stuff out of the way so we're not waiting on the day of the scavenger ride.

    This year, it will be a combination of photos and pocket-sized items on the hunt list. Drum it up and let's get double the participants as last year! It was lots of fun. For those who missed it... this is what it was all about:

    Great for newbs and the more experienced!

    This year, we'll have an awards dinner and stuff after too

    SUNDAY - JUNE 4TH, 2006 - 11AM

    Suggestions are still welcomed!!! If y'all work at places that can sponsor prizing or know of people who can as well... please let me know, we'll make sure it's a reciprocal deal! BCSPORTBIKE, we welcome you as well!

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