When to replace tires?
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Thread: When to replace tires?

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    When to replace tires?

    I'm brand new to riding and was wondering how you tell when you tires need
    to be replaced. My front tire has about 1/8'' tread depth. To me that seems
    quite low. My back right now has closer to 1/4". I'm brand new to the sport
    and I wouldn't consider my style agressive by any means. So, should I
    replace the front tire or can I hold out a bit longer?

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    if your wear bars are close to, or even with, the tread, change them.
    if you see cord thru the tire, change them now.

    don't go by the total tread depth. look at the wear bars. their locations will be indicated by small arrows on the sidewall.

    by the sounds of it, you are looking at new front and rear hoops. you should be getting 2 rears per front on average.

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    For myself I've never worn out a set to the bars, let alone the cords, before changing them. I find that as the rear wears square that the bike's handling goes to crap and my tolerance for this nonsense beats down my desire to be thrifty and new rubber goes on. Meanwhile other riders will keep going on the same set and just tolerate the crappy handling until the darn things are worn right down to pretty much square.

    Usually the front still has some tread but I find that many of the tires are cupped badly by that time so I change it as well. But not always.

    For your case it sounds like the front is on it's way out but MIGHT still have some life in it depending on any cupping, depth at the wear bars and age of it.
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    Here's something to think about
    Either you pay for a new front/back tire now or drag it on for a month or two. HOping that dam think doesn't pick up a nail or something. which ends up costing you alot more. Maybe sometime worst. (knock on wood)
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