How do I get my licence?
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Thread: How do I get my licence?

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    How do I get my licence?

    Ok, Im 16 years old and I have my class 7 ("N") Drivers licence. So basically I can drive by myslef. I am wondering the steps I have to take in order to get my motorcycle licence. What is a good bike to learn/take the test on? I work at Kelowna Yamaha, but I havnt talked to my boss about using/borrowing bikes, but just for sake, whats a good Yamaha to learn on? I was thinking the YZF600R. The parts guy said an R6 would be way more fun. I have got a tonne of hours on dirtbikes I know dirtbiking is a lot different than street, but I do know how to ride a motorbike and the rules of the road fairley well (I took a driving school)

    Thanks for any help.
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    Go for ur class 6 learners...Then practice practice practice...If possible...Take proper classes!!!

    Good luck to u!!!

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    If you have any Seca II's at your shop, I've heard that they are really the ideal bike to learn on...if you want to start on something bigger than 500cc. Other than that, take a motorcycle course. I don't know what they have out in Kelowna in the way of schools, but your boss should certainly know.

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    in regards to getting ur license... get a bike that you feel comfortable on and learn on that. Get your L for the bike, and then later your N, and then take your road test for your CAR. After passing that you will have both a full Class 5 license as well as a Class 6.

    you only need to go through graduated licensing once. So if you have both learning licenses you can take one test and have them both.

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    hey fatty,

    I put all the details down in the Roll Call for Kelowna Newbies, which is now in general chat... I put time frames and web addresses... Let's get u licensed and out on the road!!!

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