I need help!!! Please Do not burn this!!!!
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Thread: I need help!!! Please Do not burn this!!!!

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    I need help!!! Please Do not burn this!!!!

    Long story short no essay so it will all be in point form hahaha

    I have been wanting to buy a bike for a long long long time.

    I am gonna leave the country in September

    I am selling my car

    I need a form of transportation

    Lets say i buy a 1999+ R6 (or anything you experts will recommend), much do you think i can get back when i sell it in Aug?

    Thank you very much for your help.


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    Buy a scooter for simple urban transportation through the summer months.

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    If you buy a motorcycle right now, you're going to have to pay top dollar since they're in high demand at the moment.

    When you go to sell it at the end of the summer, the riding season is over, so not many people are looking to buy a bike right then.

    Supply & Demand.

    If you keep it in the same shape as you bought it and don't put on many KM's, you shouldn't lose that much.

    The only problem is, it might take weeks to sell if nobody is looking to buy it. So in that case, you might have to drop the price a lot to get the bike off your hands.

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    A lot of people here are going to say take a safety course first. Have you taken a safety course? Have you bought decent gear? If you think you are going to save money by riding you are wrong. If you really want to ride then you gotta just pony up the dough and be prepared to loose more than a few grand after you get into it with gear, hopefully a course, helmet, the bike, the tires, the repairs (if your used bike is not as good as it seems), etc.

    If you got the money then ignore most of this but take a motorcycle skills course if you haven't yet.

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    I have the gears and I am taking my road test on june 14th
    hahhaha I missed my test on the 9th of this month.
    Also I dont really want a scooter coz i used to own a Vino and tat is wat made me want to ride.

    More input and suggestions would be GREAT

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    Buying now and selling at the end of the summer means you're going to loose about $2000 if you price it for a decently quick sale.

    Far better to find a cheaper mid 90's sportbike and put it into storage and take it up again when you get back. Or are you coming back at all?
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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    How much would a mid 90's cost?
    Well I am not sure if i will come back but I want to bring some money over instead of letting 4000 depreciate here

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    Buy now.
    Ride your tires into dust.
    Keep the motorcycle, by shipping to where you're going to, or when you return.
    Don't sell it, as you'll only regret it in years to come.

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    Thank you everyone for their input!!!!!!!!

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    your def' gunna lose some money in aug.... with that being said the amount that depreciates... take that amount and comapare it to the benefits your going to get out of the bike... getting you places, having fun on it, etc... if the benefits exeed the cost, than its worth is .....but the thing here is the benefits your comparing dont have a dollar value, thats all.... personally if i was leaving the country, i would not do it... too much hassle of buying and selling and then emotional trauma of leaving your bike, LOL!

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