where do you pick up your parts
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Thread: where do you pick up your parts

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    where do you pick up your parts

    where do you guys picky up your parts and accesories? Online? best local shops for parsts?

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    pick one and go. build a relationship with the parts counter.

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    Support yer local guy first and foremost.
    It pays dividends.
    Of course, if you're like me, riding some german piece of....uh, excuse me, in the US when the piece of sh, uh, motorcycle you happen to own at the time, calves its fuel pump and the nearest one is 1000 miles away, you rely on a motorcycle friendly hotel, and the power of a credit card, FedEx overnight, and a "non local," shop.
    Well *then* you deal with a big US dealer.
    (only to have that fuel pump "fritz," out a week later, but in canada this time, so you have to ship it to the US to get warranty service, because some motorcycle manufacturers don't recognize a part from another country. And some ask why I ride a Honda now instead......)

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