Feed back on 02 zx6r
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Thread: Feed back on 02 zx6r

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    Feed back on 02 zx6r

    Anyone with any comments/opions on a 02 zx6r with 11600 km.
    ITs at burn kawasaki. Leave a post with any input thanks.


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    Ive never heard anything bad about the 02 model. I had a 98 which is pretty similar and i loved it. I was thinkin about buying an 02 before I bought my 03 and im sooooo glad I didnt. Nothing wrong with the 02 but compared to the next gen its a tractor.

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    My buddy had one (the one in my avatar) it was written off, but he had nothing but good things to say about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by KGB
    ....Nothing wrong with the 02 but compared to the next gen its a tractor.
    By comparison when on the track it may be but having sat on the newer models the 02 and older similar ones are a far better long haul or long day bike for the real world just due to the ergonomics. The newer ones are just set up too much for the racy track crouch. The flexibility and enthusiasm of youth may make this tolerable but for riders that need something a bit more body friendly the older models still have a lot to recomend them.
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    I love mine. When it was in street trim 6-800 kilometer days were no problem, but it was equally capable of carving the twisties.

    Rear shock is pretty junky though, I would suggest an upgrade to a 2 clicker Penske or Elka, no need to shoot your wad on an Ohlins
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    I had a 98 zx6r and had no problems at all, great bike ran strong 42,000kms+.
    Its my wife's bike now and still no problems, she loves it. I went with a 636.
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    Ask Brian at Bby Kawi, he's a stand up guy who I'm sure wouldn't steer you wrong. I have to say all those guys are pretty good.

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    Loved my 99 ZX6R.

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    My buddies son has one he loves it, I've ridden it, lots of fun but a little underpowered for ME I'm just a bit of a horsepower junkie, but IMHO I think 750's are the perfect bike for the street or canyons.

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