Riders = organ donors?
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Thread: Riders = organ donors?

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    Riders = organ donors?

    So I got my new combined class 5 & 6 license in the mail yesterday. You know what else was in the envelope? An application form to become an organ donor.
    At first I was pretty pissed, it looked to me as if ICBC considers every motorcyclist as a potential organ donor.
    Then, after thinking about it for a while, I wasn't so mad any more, and I am seriously thinking about registering.
    What do you guys think? Anyone a registered donor? What were your motives when you signed up?
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    lol....as I was about to type this, a rider goes by (on kingsway) at around 100 kph....the irony

    There is not a whole lot I can worry about it once I die...if I can save someone else, consider it re-use of my healthy body part!

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    I'm a donor. My parents always had me as one. I don't see why not, won't bother me, I'll be dead anyway. If I can give someone the gift of life again, why the hell not!

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    I got the same thing as well when I got my new licence. Is that something they usually hand out to us riders?

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    Ya i got it too, im scared to sign up cause it feels like to me i am accepting that i might die young. Screw that i aint dieing young! im especially not gona die on my bike. So no kid you cant have my kidney! But when the make a wish foundation comes by ask if they can get you to ride on the back of a bike.

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    that's what my sister who's a surgeon called me when she found out I was getting a motorcycle

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    Why not recycle our body parts, we won't need them when we're dead! I think they probably give that info. out to all the new licencees, since they changed the organ donor sign-up method.
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    I be;ieve everyone gets those, not just motorcyclists.

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    You are much more likely to need an organ than to donate one....food for thought....it's a fact.

    Why not?

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    the sticker doesn't work anymore, damn i need to fill out the form. Offering to save someone elses life isn't giving in to the fact that you're going to die young..give you're head a shake. Are you really going to use your organs?? Think about what it'll mean to the person's life you'll save, the impact that you can make after you die will rival anything you've done when you were alive.

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    I am an organ donor...as said above, who needs their organs when they're dead. If I can save someone else's life, I'm all for it.
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    If they can find any worth harvesting they’re welcome to them… But copious amounts of alcohol and treating my body like an amusement park for years may make it challenging.

    Me thinks you can sign away your organs right here http://www.transplant.bc.ca/ (seems to be down right now).

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    I am a donor...I think it would be very cool to help someone out like that. I just hope they don't need my liver...lungs..heart....lol I have put a few rough miles on them!
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    I think everyone should become an organ donor. What are you going to do with 'em once you're dead?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GunMetal
    Ya i got it too, im scared to sign up cause it feels like to me i am accepting that i might die young. Screw that i aint dieing young! im especially not gona die on my bike. So no kid you cant have my kidney! But when the make a wish foundation comes by ask if they can get you to ride on the back of a bike.
    hey there's a real shortage of organ donors so their just trying to get everyone to join in on the program. Donors are old and young they don't care.

    What if you're the one that NEEDs the kidney or you will die?
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