What to watch out for on an EX500
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Thread: What to watch out for on an EX500

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    What to watch out for on an EX500


    I am a brand new rider (had my first lesson today) and I am looking at buying a 1992 Kawi Ninja/EX500. What do I need to be looking for when I go check out this bike? What tends to go on them? and how many KM is considered a lot for this particular model?



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    Just like every other bike.

    I own a 2001 and use it as a commuter bike. They are good bikes but are a bit low on power so a good learner. The biggest problem I have with them is the cost of replacement parts. It you think you can change that scratched mirror or turn signal cheaply, think again.

    If the chain and sprockets need changing, this is a relatively cheap repair. Make sure you change the gearing. I went 1 down on the front 3 up, on the back. It make the bike a little more peppy and fun to ride.

    This bike should be good for 50,000 Kms easy
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    The gf has a 1993 Ninja 500 which has about 35,000km and it's still performing quite well. 93 was the last year for drum brakes and for a bike it's size, it's ok, but a disc would have been better.


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    It's 13 years old. You may want to read the sticky thread of mine about buying an older bike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRed
    93 was the last year for drum brakes and for a bike it's size, it's ok, but a disc would have been better.
    Drum brakes should be okay since it's on the rear. The rear brakes shouldn't provide the majority of the stopping power anyway.

    The only known problems with the older EX500 bikes is that Kawasaki used a metal that was too soft in a gear so that some of these bikes tended to pop into neutral from second gear. This usually happened during engine braking.

    I think it's about a 5 hour job for a mechanic to take the transmission apart and to fix this by undercutting the rounded-off gear. The transmission was redesigned for 1994 models and up so those did not have this problem.

    I had a 1992 EX500 with this anomoly and I just adapted to it.
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