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    sweeden endurance racing

    got an email from one of the teams i supply bikes/parts to out of norway, they had there first race on one of my old rebuilds, lol, seems it turned out ok.

    Brad, we did a very good debut in endurance We ended third place after we have been on first place most of the race.the reason we did not win was that the brake pads ended after 4 hours driving so we had to change them.
    It was very close race we was only 17 seconds behind the winner and only 4 seconds behind second place.The team whitch took the forth place was 4 laps behind us.
    When 6 hours where over we had driven 197 laps 800 kilometres(including gas filling tyre changing and change of driver.
    We did cahnge 3 rear tyres and one front tyre.
    My team set the best lap time in the race but the reason we did not win was the brake pads we have to find some pads whitch works in 6 hours.
    +That we must have dry break fuelling system then we can load fuel in 4 seconds.Today we use an home made whitch uses 16 seconds

    Our Next race is 18tinth juni Then i should try some frensh pads carbone lorraine.And hopefully we have got the dry break system ready.

    This race that we drove last weekend was the biggest in the scandinavian history 60 bikes in the race,and we maked a third in the debut that is the best debut ever in norway in endurance.

    We drove the race in sweden and there was teams from 6 countrys.But we are VIKINGS FROM NORWAY.

    I hope you can get us a new bike 2006 model for next year,because then we are going to drive a racein the world championship 24 hour and this bike we have today are going to have to mutch kilometres on when this season is over so i am wooried that somthing tecknical can went wrong.

    The old one am i going to put on the street and sell.

    our Team #24 hagheim Motor
    Bikes and parts for sale, all 99+ sportbikes, call Brad 604-837-2942

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    cool international !!! nice

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