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    No clutch shifting

    Just wondering once your out of first gear will it hurt anything to shift without the clutch. This is my first race dirtbike, kx 125
    Its better to have the power and not need it, then to need the power and not have it

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    No if done right. Yes if done wrong. It's even easy on a two stroke to down shift with out a clutch. Very forgiving motor.

    Practice till it blows then don't do that again.......
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    i wouldnt recomend it. you will eventually break things. and its not good for the clutch. besides how hard is it to pull in the clutch lever on that thing? if its really hard or alot harder then youthink it should be...replace the clutch

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    As far as I know, competition MX bikes (like the KX 125) are designed for "crash changing"
    When racing on a MX track, you change gears so often that using the clutch leads to arm pump...yes even popeye would suffer
    When riding trail and everywhere else... I clutch.
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    read the bloody thread posted by cosworth

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    The only time i use the clutch is to start i never use the clutch to shift and i race my bike really hard.

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    theyre ment to be shifted clutchless. you just have to ease off the throttle a lil bit inorder to do it.
    why people are saying its "hard on the clutch" is truely astounding. since youre bypassing the clutch it should be harder on the tranny than it is on the clutch. if you know what youre doing you can also do it in a car, its just not as easy or fast.

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