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Thread: Rain Gear/Riding Bags

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    Rain Gear/Riding Bags

    I'm looking for rain pants and a coat. Sound I just wear my Honda Racing leathers...or is there something better? Also what is some good hot weather riding gear that is light, but still has protection? And does anyone know of a good large bag that I can fit a change of clothes in and maybe some food?

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    I have a black oxford sports tailbag that I bought and have not used yet. large enough to fit a full faced helmet w/ expandable sides and top. $120

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    fully perforated leathers used with nylon raingear overtop is a great combination to cover lots of conditions for temperature (and for the rain obviously)
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    I need to decide what to do for rain gear soon, I sold my car on Friday and am 2 wheels only for the summer. Great timing! My commute to work is only 10 minutes/1.5 miles with a top speed of about 40 mph which makes it a bit of a hassle to pull on the leathers. I was thinking about either an Aerostitch style suit or just nylon rain gear to go over the leather jacket and jeans. Any experiences with Aero style suits that would make the cost that much better than just the rain gear?


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    I would personally go with a two piece rain suit, so that you can wear the leather underneath and a back pack. I have a back pack that my BF got for me from Suzuki and I take it to work with files in it and a change of clothes. Tank bags scratch the paint and I have no experience with tail bags.

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