Want to buy a sport or sport tourer bike.
Like everyone else in the real world I don't want to spend very much.Would like it to be in the litre class size as I am 6'3" and all legs;600's and any gixxer's too small. I would also like it to be fuel injected (I don't want to start the whole carb vs. inj. debate it's just my choice). VFR800 would be my bike of choice, although a tl1000r or a RC51 would be great.
Now here's the hard part...I want it to be a fixer upper...;I am a mechanic by trade and can fix just about anything, but again I don't want to spend much. I am willing to spend about $2,000.00 on a bike before repairs, provided the needed parts are not going to cost me that much again. So , if you know that the bike and parts will cost more than $4,500.00 don't waste my time and yours, you will only get disappointed. I can deal with any salvage/ICBC inspection stuff at my end.

I know I'm dreaming, but you don't know until you ask. Please PM me ,Thanks, Gord.