clunky 1st to 2nd gears...
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Thread: clunky 1st to 2nd gears...

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    Angry clunky 1st to 2nd gears...

    hey, im havin some issues with my 1st to 2nd gear change, well not really problems just have some questions...

    my change from 1st to 2nd is usually pretty clunky and the throw is a lot longer than any of my other gears, i know its supposed to be a little longer, but it feels like it might be too long of a throw... i dont really know if anyone can understand my question, bc its something i think you must have to see/feel, but are our bikes known for havin a long 1st to 2nd throw and being clunky from 1st to 2nd? bc i have just recently riden on a 03 r6 and an 03 636, and my 03 gix 600 feels like it handles the 1st to 2nd change way way worse than anything else i have riden, even incuding my 89 gix 750, and the wierd thing is that i am almost 100% sure that it didnt feel like this earlier in the year, bc i know i would have thought something was wrong.....

    any suggestions / comments ?


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    If you're noticing that it's changing then it's time to take it to a mechanic or dive into the side cases yourself to see what's up.

    I've never had any bike that has a noticably longer 1-2 shift.

    Do you tend to stomp on the lever if it feels like it doesn't want to shift or are you more gentle than that? If you catch yourself forcing some shifts then you could have bent or torn something in there.
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