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    Gear Sizes

    I am interested in so much gear people have for sale here for me and my girl...but i dont understand these sizes, i need to know what i can compare them too or how they are measured. please post to let me know.
    I just never know what to put here...I like power wheelies and stuff.

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    I've moved your thread. First you need to not post in the Buy and Sell section because people can't reply to you there. If you have specific questions about an item for sale please PM them or email them.
    If you need help with sizing then go to a shop and try stuff on.
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    The best way to determine if something fits is to try it on in person or at a store. Aside from that,, from across the border, has detailed information and charts that can give you a good idea on sizes and fit. They are also a great place to order things from, if you don't mind shipping and duty fees.

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