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Thread: Watermarks in pictures

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    Watermarks in pictures

    Could we have it removed? I don't see what function it serves other than obscuring small pictures.

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    I wish.
    No, but it will be changed in the future.

    People should really learn to upload slightly larger pictures.

    The purpose is so that the picture can be somewhat tracked if it were to make the rounds on the net.
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    None right now...
    It's supposed to obscure the photos, to prevent people from ripping off your photos and passing them off as their own. Mind you, there are ways to watermark a photo that aren't visible, but the software to do it is expensive.
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    watermarks are great, cuz if ppl see a certain site they'll go to it.
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    They only obscure a 100 X 100 pic. Get some damn resolution people!
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