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    2-Way Radio & Headset

    Wondering if any of you fellows (and girls too I guess ) know of some good 2-way radios and headsets.

    * Need this to work with 4, possibly 6 people (we would all buy the same radio and headset) so we could all talk to each other
    * Headset that fits under/works with a full face helmet
    * Has decent range (least a few kms)
    * Don't want the HJC side helmet mount chatterbox (personal preference)
    * Push to Talk type
    * A headset where the mic and the Push to Talk button are separate (ie not with the same housing.....hope that makes sense....gloved fingers cover the mic when the push to talk button is in the same place as the mic)

    If you guys and girls know of any specific models, links or places I might be able to get this. (I've tried RadioShack and the did not seem to have proper headset like I described above.)

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    www.bikeintercom.com for the headset, then get motorola radios. I have the sport headset but I haven't really been able to try it because it doesnt fit in my new Shoei. Tried it briefly in my other helmet and it seemed to work alright.

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