Watsen Signal / Running Lights
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Thread: Watsen Signal / Running Lights

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    Watsen Signal / Running Lights

    Last year I installed my Watsen signal lights and I love the looks of them. The only downfall was that with Watsen signal lights you have to loose your running lights. A couple months ago I noticed that Bayside Performance carried $15 modules that turn your Watsens into running lights.
    I installed the lights, last year, myself and also the little resistors that make them blink slower. But, wiring in the new modules turned out to be a little bit too mutch for this boy. I tried and tried and gave up. ( Yes, I did)
    I left it a couple weeks but, finally today, $75 of shop labor later, I have running lights again.
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    They sure look good though!

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    I've thought about doing this with the Watsen's on my Honda. I love them and recommend them to people all the time. I'll probably just leave them without the running light, I like the stealthy look when they aren't on, and the super-brightness when they are.

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    i didn't even realize that the turn signals were running lights

    i have the watsen's on my bike

    is not having them as running lights a big deal? I don't really see a problem with it, but just in case, anyone know something that might be of concern

    riding at night would be one, i guess, but if they can't see the headlight being on, 2 little signals on the side isn't going to help some cager see me any better

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