up for sale is my 2006 RX-1 Cobra helmet size medium made by craft, a company in germany. you cannot even purchase this helmet here. but unfortunatly the helmet is one size too big for me. i have only worn this once so it's fresh out of the box condition. this is a very cool streetfighter helmet. very original work of art. i have not seen anyone with this in vancouver.

this is a very high quality helmet, here are some of the specs:
-Removable Liner
-Quick Release Visor (No screws or Side pods)
-Front vents now adjustable for air intake.
-Quick Release Chin Strap
-The shell has been extended to give your nose, more breathing space.
-ECE 2205 European (UK and Europe)
-ACU GOLD for racing (For Track use)
-DOT for (For use in USA and canada)
-Super Light 1350 g Shell
-TRI Flex Superlayer Shell Made from Carbon, Fibreglass and Dynema(better than kevlar)

i have spent over $600 getting it here, only to find that its too big. comes with a dark tinted visor along with clear and helmet bag, this helmet is a size medium, and its gloss black, it fits like a medium shoei, or a large HJC. here's some links
first $400 can take this, i am very firm as i know it will go fast at this price. please contact me on my cell if you are interested or have any questions 778-883-4024. thanx.