Keeping the Wheel on the Ground FZ6
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Thread: Keeping the Wheel on the Ground FZ6

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    Question Keeping the Wheel on the Ground FZ6

    I did a lot of riding this weekend and noticed an odd characteristic of my Yamaha FZ6. During a hard throttle in second, no matter how much weight I put toward the front of the bike, the front tire starts to float. The bike is just past break-in so this weekend was the first that I was able to really ride hard. Any Ideas for keeping it down?

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    ask coolio if you can borrow his wheel weights. you may have to modify them slightly, or add more sand.

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    And just HOW is this a problem?

    The cure is a to get even further forward, lean your head down over the bars more and if the "problem" persists then to use a little bit less right hand twisting.

    .... or attend stunt school to learn how to carry the wheelies better....
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    dont buy a GSXR 1000 in the future if you dont like this problem.
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    Just Little more throttle... more.... more Voila.... WHEELIE!!!.... I love my FZ6 too.........

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    call bill @ 5th gear and get some wheel weights bout 2 to 3 lbs ought to do it

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