Bugs signing off!
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Thread: Bugs signing off!

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    Bugs signing off!

    Well, kept the computer hooked up as long as i could but time to pack it up.

    We'll be hooking back up in a week, so in the mean time, be good and ride safe.



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    Cheers Paul! I couldn't make it to the get together on Saturday, but I'll see you at Joey's tomorrow.
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    sorry couldn't make it either on saturday . Paul I miss you already , see back at joey's tomorrow or see you back in a couple of years in Montreal when I move in the house next to yours .
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    later there paul... i might not be able to make it to joey's on thursday (DAMN YOU SCHOOL!) but i'll try to be tehre like 5-630, but then i gotta leave right after because i need to go to a playing of "the laramie project"....

    ....anways, if i dont make it tomorrow, it was nice talking to you, and i regret not getting to meet you in person. Have fun in montreal, and be sure to inform us of all the goodness, i wanna visit!

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