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    Question Headlight Problem

    Weird thing... Low beam doesn't go on but the high beam does. I'm assuming that means I don't have 2 replace the bulb and this is just a problem w/ the wiring. Anybody wanna confirm my theory or disprove it? I'm hoping this is something simple that I can just do by myself in the kitchen (That's right, my bike goes in the kitchen). I really don't wanna spend the $800 some places will charge me just 2 replace my bulb.
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    Sounds like the low beam is blown. You probably use a 9004 bulb and need to get it replaced. Check you manual for the proper wattage.

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    Its your bubls man, I had the same problem and could not figure it out and then replaced them and voila good as new
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    The low beam ALWAYS blows first. The low and high beems are actualy two different light sources mounted in the same bulb. Since the low beem is always on it inevitably is the first to go. There are reflector reasons that both are in the same bulb, but it is still a small rip off.


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