okay read if interested regards to a TLR1000
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Thread: okay read if interested regards to a TLR1000

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    There has been some complaints recently about some of you bumping your ads too frequently. THIS MUST STOP!

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    I have had no time this year to really work the bike since i purchased from turbosonoma due to work..

    What i have done, the stages....
    Purchased from turbosonoma
    Ripped down after a quick start to see if it turned over sounded good for those few seconds.
    I have pulled it down and reworked the tank fender tail and cowl all primed..
    Gas cap polished
    gixxstar sold me some upper lower race plastics and i have reworked them hours and hours of labour plus fiberglass and bondo..... They need still more little work.

    Since its warmer im flipping wanna ride real bad plus to boot my toyota 4runner got a VI (vehicle inspection) due to cracked windshield and no rear bumper... Im counting the days till it needs its work done less than 19... And i don't wanna do it just yet cause i have a 350 chevy HO corvette engine and th400 tranny that i wanna slam into it before fall which makes this project even funner cause while im doing that i midaswell do all the other things i wanted to do to it at once....

    Thus the bikes at 5th gear its a 1998 TLR1000.
    Tyres are new metzler meZ1- I have the manual /rear passenger seat/ cowl/ (2) M4 pipes an under the tail 1000RR pipe partially mounted and done/ the subframe has been raised welded proper from the front. I have all the parts and more that came from the bike old plastics and other things/ got new clutch clipon and brake lever. I work on the plastics almost everyday bringing it closer to finihsed. Last time i was out at 5th gear i purchased a clipon front light and rear turnsignals (flush mounts). Its on the list to get sprockets chain and frotn fork seals/ oil and springs and a couple other things done then inspected and passed from him. I have the opportunity to purchase a bike right now and if i sell the TLR1000 at $3400 bucks where its at right this moment i can get the ready to ride bike due to my 4runner issue...

    If anyones SERIOUSLY interested within this next 6 days call me at 604-720-9179 ask for jay and we can work something out.. Otherwise im getting it ready to ride and once its on the road im not selling it.... I just work a shyte load of hours and got alot on my plate right now. thought everything would lighten up but it isn't.......... The paperworks all in order...

    oh and if billy has added the new parts- which im hoping he has it may be rideable real soon and this thread would be just a teaser??
    front rear sprockets
    fork work
    pipe welding (finalizing)
    and other little things

    that is not included in this price $3400.

    Okay 1 day and im already rethinking this again..
    This weekend hopefully will be bringing the tank + fender +tail and cowl to the bike - battery and some other gear so bill can do the rest and it will be on the road....

    So probably 3 days max. and im gonna pull it.

    bump to phone calls

    bump to the guy from kelowna did you send me an email saying you are taking it on monday????

    bump to being a hood and gangstah that i can fund with the sale of my bike...
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    go ne

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