U.S. probes more claims of Iraq civilian killings
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Thread: U.S. probes more claims of Iraq civilian killings

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    U.S. probes more claims of Iraq civilian killings

    in the other thread i posted about the same topic i mentioned that killing nearby civillians is the u.s. military response to a roadside bomb. these are not isolated incidents and have become the de facto reaction to ied's. i don't blame the soldiers, most are mere boys put into a completely impossible mission. my finger is pointing at rumsfeld, cheney et al. if i said what i really think, the thought police would be knocking at my door...



    U.S. probes more claims of Iraq civilian killings

    Friday, June 2, 2006; Posted: 2:20 p.m. EDT (18:20 GMT)

    BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- The U.S. military is investigating the deaths of nearly a dozen Iraqi civilians during a U.S. raid near Balad in March.

    The probe is one of several inquiries into the possible killings of Iraqis, including women and children, by U.S. troops. Among the incidents are an alleged massacre by Marines of 24 civilians in Haditha last November and the death of an Iraqi civilian near Hamandiya, west of Baghdad, on April 26.

    Also under military investigation are reports that soldiers killed two women, including one who was pregnant
    , in Samarra on Tuesday. Witnesses said the women were killed when their vehicle drove through a checkpoint...

    ...Iraqi police said 11 people were killed in a U.S.-led raid against a suspected al Qaeda in Iraq site. The dead included five children -- the youngest 6 months old -- as well as four women and two men, the police said.

    The U.S. military reported there had been deaths, including of civilians, but provided a lower casualty count, saying an insurgent, two women and a child were killed...

    ...Military prosecutors "likely" will file murder charges against seven Marines accused in the April 26 shooting death of an Iraqi civilian in Hamandiya, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN on Thursday.

    "Somewhere around seven Marines are likely to face charges," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because charges have not yet been filed. "Murder charges are likely," the source added but they may not come on Friday.

    The Associated Press quoted a defense lawyer, Jeremiah Sullivan III, as saying that a Navy Corpsman is also expected to face charges, which include kidnapping and conspiracy.

    The Iraqi civilian reportedly was dragged from his home and shot. Both the Los Angeles Times and NBC News said troops may have planted an AK-47 and shovel near the body to make it appear the man was an insurgent burying a roadside bomb.

    Neither media outlet suggested a possible motive for the killing.

    US probes new Iraq massacre claim

    Last Updated: Friday, 2 June 2006, 07:00 GMT 08:00 UK

    The US military has told the BBC it is investigating an incident in which 11 Iraqi civilians may have been deliberately killed by US troops.

    Video footage obtained by the BBC appears to challenge the US account of events in the town of Ishaqi in March.

    The US said at the time that four people died during a raid, but Iraqi police said 11 were shot by US troops.


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    CNN never show that US ship loaded with weapons headed for Ukraine was turned down by ukrainian protesters. They simply didn't let it to get unloaded and she sailed away.
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