Monkey/Gorilla/Dax Owners.
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    Monkey/Gorilla/Dax Owners.

    Anyone know where in north america i can find Takegaway.G-craft.Kitaco Parts?

    I am rebuilding a mini-bike [a real authentic made in japan minibike] and was curious if anyone has gone as far as i am going, and searched for these parts within north america.

    I know of a few sites, one being from the UK[shipping will kill me], and others from the US, but they specialize mainly in CR50's.

    So anyone willing to help a brother out?

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    What minibike are you rebuilding? I have a 1988 honda ZB50, it's uber-fun. (it's a monkey-bike with a Z50 engine and NSR frame)

    Also try, they offer knock-off parts but they work and they are much much cheaper.
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