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    fs: 94 ninja 500

    Black fairings. Brand new chain/sprockets/spark plugs/battery/brake pads at start of this season (2000km ago).

    42000 km (this I will have to doublecheck.. it's around there. I ride it so it will keep going higher until I sell). Stock. Been dropped by previous owner, but I have not dropped it.

    Needs nothing. I literally picked it up from Bill at 5th gear on Saturday june 4th, so you dont even need to pay for the inspection!


    Edit: Will have pictures in a couple of days, but not yet. Keep the pms coming!

    edit 2: details of drop from previous owner

    yup, i've dropped it twice. once on each side. both times where when i was parked. it was a low-speed lay down, where it tipped over and it was too heavy for me to pull it up.
    Number if you want to call is 778-882-2888.

    edit: added photos
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