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    My bike is still under warrentee. It's abit overdue for a service. I'm just wondering if I should do it myself, get the dealership to do it, or take it to a shop.

    The dealership is Modern motorcycles.
    The shop I'm thinking of going to is Bomax.

    How would it affect the warrentee?


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    I don't think that having Bomax work on the bike would affect your warranty. Your owner's manual should list the items that need to be checked/replaced/adjusted at each service interval. Make sure that the receipt indicates that all of these things have been done and you should be covered in the event of any warranty issues.

    Bomax has a great rep with this group, so I recommend that you go there if that's what you want to do.

    If you choose to do the work yourself, keep receipts for all parts (and fluids) and a detailed service log. I would think that DIY servicing has the greatest potential to cause headaches if there is a warranty issue, but you should be OK provided that you don't cause the problem with the bike (ie. you leave a wrench under the valve cover, pour maple syrup into your brake lines, etc.).

    Has anyone out there had a warranty claim denied because a service was performed by yourself of an independent shop? If so, please speak up and provide some details. Thanks.
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