Anyone have the week of July 9th off?
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Thread: Anyone have the week of July 9th off?

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    Anyone have the week of July 9th off?

    I am meeting up with a bunch of ST riders to do a 6 day 3500km ride and was wondering if anyone had the time off and wanted to come with?

    It is currently all ST1300 and ST1100 riders, but friends on other bike are more than welcome to come. Probably won't appeal to anyone else but Goldwing, FJR1300, BMW RT and K-series riders and other sport-touring riders.

    Anyway, here is the website and here is where we are going. I am going up to Calgary on the 5th day and coming back to Kamloops on the 6th day via Hwy #1.

    The dark red line is day 1 of the trip. The green lines are the 4 days with the group. The pink line is the trip back from AB on day 5 and 6.
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