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    Honda CBR F1 - $1500

    I Bought this bike last year from Action Motorcycle with 32K on the odo. I added about 24K in the 8 months I rode it. This bike has been very good to me mechanically wise, with no major problems.

    I had a good shunt in the early summer, and thrashed my farrings pretty good. I then semi-fixed it up as a street fighter, and rode it a bit longer. I say semi-fixed because I never finished it off with mirrors, front signals, etc…Too busy with other things (including riding it), and lacked the proper interest as I was looking to my next bike.

    I don't want to put any more effort into this bike, as I have already moved onto something else. I have all the ferrings for it, but the two side panels are in need of repair if someone wanted to return it to stock. Front cowl is in pretty good condition.

    Engine on this bike is still strong, but it’s coming up on time to check the valves. I put new rubber on this bike last springs (Metzler MZ2) - but the rear tire should be changed if this bike is to be ridden hard.

    I recently did my front and rear brakes, and replaced my wheel barrings when I did the tires last spring. I always did regular oil changes (every 3-4K) while I was riding this bike.

    I am asking $1500 as she sits now, with the broken ferrings and all the other spare bits I have for it.

    I am going to post up some pics of the bike this weekend.

    Contact me for anymore details.

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