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    Question Photoshop training?

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I cound either take a course or take lessons to learn Adobe Photoshop in particular, maybe In Design and Illustrator. It's just becuase I just graduated Kwantlen with my Marketing Management diploma and I know how to use MS Office and all those programs, but I have barely any knowledge about the Adobe suite. I am trying to look for a job in marketing and 3 jobs that I have had interviews for wanted Photoshop experience/knowledge. They wanted the person to do newsletters, brochures that sorta thing. So I want to learn about the business design part of it, not necessarily manipulating images or making it look prettier.

    I don't really want to take a course at a college, I am just looking to take a class like over a day or two, just to get some training. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I have been out of the "starting out" education loop for a bit - I'm an Art Director and have been using Adobe stuff for a over a dozen years, and now just take the occasional high-level production course or join in on free Adobe seminars that happen every 6 months or so...
    IMHO - the best place to learn Photoshop (and cheapest) is right off of the Adobe web site. They have a ton of tutorials that can get you going (
    Also, if you have a knowledgable friend that can spend an hour or two and show you around the dashboard of Photoshop (where all tools are and how they work, what menu items do, where everything is, etc.) that's going to save you a ton of time. It's a freakin' huge and powerful app, and it takes months or years to get comfortable with it. Years ago I took a couple of BCIT courses, and they were a waste - plodded through a workbook step-by-step, with some guy pacing about to help you get through the problems that you could have solved had you just read the freakin' book like you were supposed to!

    But you probably will need to bite the bullet sometime if you plan on doing layout work, and go to a community college for basic desktop publishing or try and get into the BCIT/Emily Carr graphic "Design Essentials" program - unless you are gifted at this sort of stuff (which happens - but rarely!). And Photoshop is not a place to do layout work - you'll want Illustrator and/or InDesign for that (a whole new bag of worms...).

    Good luck...
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    Indesign/Quark is for layout, Illustrator for vector logos/drawing..PS for effects and photo manipulation. I went to a small school to learn the basics and ran with it after that.

    Like the above post states, it's a huge program that must be taken in small pieces. I use it everyday and only know 1/2 the program.
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    Focal Point - and Langara College both offer 10 day courses on Photoshop.

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